ESG: Agrotools ensures large-scale sustainability for agribusiness with the use of data and technology

Case São Martinho

ESG: Agrotools ensures large-scale sustainability for agribusiness with the use of data and technology

26 de February de 2024

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Expertise in monitoring and analyzing information in the world’s largest database allows socio-environmental monitoring for giants like São Martinho

According to a survey carried out by the Lew’Lara/TBWA agency, when talking about brand relationships and ESG (environmental, social and governance practices), the environmental pillar is what attracts the most attention from Brazilian consumers. In a context like this, data analysis, innovation and technology are allies of today’s companies.

Agrotools, a leading technology and intelligence company for agribusiness, has been operating for almost 20 years within this context, enabling sustainability on a large scale through a technological ecosystem, which provides a macro view of the field, with mass analyses in different territories. “The largest agribusiness database, created by Agrotools, provides corporations with a complete view of the origin of their raw materials, ensuring any risk involving suppliers, enabling secure commercial agreements within the ESG aspect and guaranteeing the reputational shielding of companies, aligned with consumer demands”, explains Sergio Rocha, founder and CEO of Agrotools.

The information, when collected and integrated by Agrotools, allows not only the analysis of territories, but also the monitoring of the status of socio-environmental protocols. This allows customers to always be up to date on monitoring progress using data that has been audited and can be verified. In addition, the company offers specialized ESG consultancy to support and carry out analyzes of specific cases.

Application in practice

An example of this application is with São Martinho, one of the largest sugarcane based energy companies from Brazil, which entered into a partnership with Agrotools to monitor and mange their agribusiness activities with more sustainability in mind. In total, Agrotools has performed 108 thousand analyses, in addition to 13.8 thousand geographic registrations, to guarantee an automated and safe process with greater information security.

“As an important player in a sector that is characterized by its ability to produce clean energy on a large scale, São Martinho sought Agrotools’ technology with the purpose of ensuring socio-environmental monitoring, in line with ESG practices. These are two Brazilian companies further scaling sustainability in agribusiness”, adds Rocha.

“The use of this technology provided us with legal and reputational security in the selection of partners to supply raw materials, notably sugar cane and corn”, concludes Oscar Tribst Paulino, Sustainability and Integrated Management System (SGI) Manager at São Martinho.


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